Martina Svobodová

Lumprdlíci a Sluneční královna

Lumprdlíci a Sluneční královna

DUE IN 2018 

The Solfhas and The Sun Queen: An open heart is the greatest form of courage


Once upon a time there lived some little creatures called Solfahs and they owned the whole universe. The first one was called Doh, the second Ray, the third Mia…, but I’m sure you know them already.

The little Solfahs spent their days playing with the planets, riding them at cosmic speeds and discovering new corners of the universe. When they got tired, they crawled under their blankets in the stave and let the notes lull them to sleep.

But the Solfahs’ favourite game of all was football. They used stars as footballs and Billy Black Hole as the goal – there was only one goal, because the game was everyone against the poor goalie, Doh Minor...  


The book is now being illustrated. You are welcome to follow the process. 

To be printed in autumn 2018.